The Mastermind Group

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Following the electric Max! Empowerment Club that took place in March in Bnei Brak, the feedback was unanimous – the women were all clamoring for more. Just 3 months later, right after Lag Baomer the follow-up to that original meeting was held in the same place – in the Grand Hall Building in Bnei Brak…yet this time, with a twist! I met with the women over Skype from my home in Lakewood, New Jersey!

It was so beautiful to see how this group of women had already made so many change in their lives! (At our first meeting we served all sorts of delectable goodies, yet this time, the women opted to change the style of refreshments from high carbs and sweet drinks to light and healthy refreshments and a carved fruit stand…in line with their commitments to live a healthier lifestyle!)

The feedback that the women gave was amazing. They felt focused, empowered and accomplished. Many of the women succeeded in losing stubborn pounds that before had refused to come off. One woman followed her dream and opened an art therapy clinic in her house. Another woman made a wildly-successful event in Binyanei Haumah for over 7,000 women!

The energy from the group was so powerful it was almost tangible. This time, I introduced the women to the concept of Mastermind Group. The Mastermind Group is a group of six to eight women whose shared goal is to keep growing in life. They meet via conference call every other week.

There’s a special method to the way the Mastermind Group is run. Each time, three different people volunteer; One is the monitor, the second is the timekeeper and the third leads the opening prayer.

First, the women start with the opening prayer. Then, the leader opens the floor for the women to talk first about what’s good and new in their lives, what people accomplished this week and what successes they shared. The celebration of these success lifts the energy of the group dramatically, with the women sharing their accomplishments over the past two weeks in their professional, family and personal lives.

Then, the women have 5 minutes to share a challenge they have that they want to get help from the group on. For example, one woman may want to lose weight but doesn’t have the willpower or the passion to drink 10 cups of water a day. Another woman may be looking for the perfect name for her store. Each of the ladies will then answer with her own life experience, wisdom and ideas.

After this, the leader asks everyone to commit to 1 action step they want to take upon themselves in the next 2 weeks, whether it means renegotiating that contract, going out with your husband, or approaching your teenage son and talking to him in a different way.
Does this concept of the Mastermind Group sound like something you would like to be a part of? If so, I encourage you to please contact us so we can start one together with women like you.