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The environment in the room was electric! A group of quality women from Israel who had experienced Max! at individual events or workshops decided to “notch it up” and move to the next level. These women have committed to join forces for one year, maximizing their own growth!

The women took this next step very seriously, and with much excitement, they signed a contract with themselves, committing to give all of the time, energy and resources they have to achieve their dream lives!

The opening workshop, which began at 8 PM and was scheduled to last for 90 minutes, extended long past midnight… The women simply did not want to leave. Each set her focus on one area of life in which she wants to achieve better results (such as health, finance, career, relationships with family or friends, spiritually, getting married, etc.). She rated her current standing from 0-10 and then had to determine “what is the story I am telling myself that brought me to where I am now?” (our limiting beliefs).

We set clear goals: Where do we want to be one year from now? Then we wrote many action steps that can be taken in order to achieve those goals.
We built a list of “empowered beliefs” to support our goals, as the change has to come from within, and we built a “vision board” to help activate the “law of attraction.”

Every woman paired up with an “accountable partner” with whom she can be in touch on a daily basis to report on the day’s successes and to commit to 3 action steps to be taken the following day.

The level of excitement displayed by the participants, as well as their commitment to their own development and to one another, was unparalleled. You could almost physically touch the energy in the room.

I feel so fortunate to work with these women and to walk with them for the next 12 months, through quarterly meetings and e-mails to keep them on track.

I am so gratified to be empowering each one to achieve her personal goals to live the life of her dreams!

To hear more about Max!’s next “Empowerment Club” or to reserve one of the very limited slots (group size is restricted to ensure individual attention), please contact us.

To qualify, serious commitment to the program is required.

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