• “Rachel Rappaport is the speaker of choice. She is a figure who generates change and unlocks the path to success for all those who listen to her. Each and every word of hers was put to the test in the laboratory of life itself. Unique personal life experiences infuse her words with exceptional power. Rachel has a positive energy, a genuine smile, sincere love that she radiates to each individual and true Yiras Shamayim of a deeply rooted Jewish woman. I am happy that we were given the opportunity to host her in Beit Hamorah, and I, as well as the other participants, eagerly await her return visits.”
    Zehava Frye,
    Executive Director, Beit Hamorah, Tel Aviv
  • “I was amazed by Rachel’s ability to help a crowd of 300 successful women take action – on an emotional and intellectual level – within just 2 hours. Rachel did not cease to surprise and inspire us with original techniques and tools. The elevated and charged dynamic of her workshops is especially powerful for people like myself, an experienced and accomplished educator. It’s empowering to realize just how far-reaching our daily choices are. If you have not personally experienced a Max! workshop, nothing I say will do it full justice.
    Tzipi Kaufman,
    Jerusalem-based Educator & Community Activist
  • “Today I am a sought after marketer here in Israel. I could not have gotten to where I currently am without Max! Rachel Rappaport’s workshops helped me envision a wonderful future and gave me the tools to actually achieve my goals. What had seemed completely unrealistic at one time is now my reality!”
    Everest Marketing
  • “Rachel Rappaport delivered a professional and powerful seminar at the Chinuch Atzmai Conference for Principals. She naturally connects with the audience through a variety of exercises and methodologies. What truly made her workshop unique was that the principals emerged with practical tools that can actually be implemented in a classroom setting.”
    Rachel Barlinsky,
    Principal, Bais Yaakov in Tzfas, and Organizer of the Chinuch Atzmai Conference for Principals
  • “I discovered the tremendous power in thinking positively about myself and my life. Max! gave me the strength to stick with my goals until the end. Rachel Rappaport’s powerful delivery and enriching and exciting material contributed to a unique, empowering workshop experience.”
    Rina W.
  • “This year I had a very difficult class and I was exhausted and worn out. Rachel Rappaport’s seminar reignited my passion for teaching. Because of Max! I had the courage to look forward, without dwelling on the past, and face the challenges my students presented head on.”
    11th Grade Teacher
  • “It was so powerful to get in touch with my personal strengths and characteristics. Each woman who attended Rachel’s weekend retreat felt the same: Rachel was completely there for you, you were the most important person to her, and her goal was to help you uncover the full extent of your potential. My entire life is now infused with deep meaning and an inner satisfaction.”
    Shira M.,
    Special Education Teacher
  • “Max! gave me the power to believe in my unique capabilities, dream big and achieve more than I thought was possible.”
    Chavi R.,
    Fundraiser & Writer
  • “The Max! workshop exercises gave me the power to dramatically improve my life. I learned to increase my self-confidence and understand my true self. I gained insight on how to live a better life, achieving results I had only dreamed of.”
    Gali M.
  • “Max! is an empowering, constructive, enriching and uplifting transformational experience. I received the strength and practical tools to progress in all areas of my life.”
    Tami L.
  • “Max! gave me the tools to design my life. The principles, methods and deep insights that I learned will remain with me forever and give me the strength to move forward.”
    Osnat P.