Max! Nationwide Tour Hits the Catskills

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This past Monday, on August 1st, 2016, a captivated audience sat spellbound as Rachel Rappaport energized them with an empowering and transformational Max! workshop.

This event was held at Pezzto, located in Center One in the Catskills. Women young and old gathered there, beginning at ten-thirty am, for a workshop titled “Empower Your Self, Energize Your Life.” And empower and energize these women, it did.

Each participant at the workshop was given her own personal guidebook with the Success Principles and steps it takes to empower and energize themselves. Ample space was given for them to take notes and write down their thoughts – which were stirred countless times throughout the workshop.

Throughout the event, participants were given different exercises, various opportunities and practical tools to learn more about themselves and to discover their goals and how they can actually achieve them.

Says Ariella, one of the women who attended the event, “For anyone interested in personal growth, Max! workshops are a must. They help you reflect on who you are and who you want to be and give you the powerful tools you need to achieve the lasting change that you with for yourself.”

Among the topics we covered included, “How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be,” “How to Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life and Your Results,” “Clean Up Your Messes,” “Set and Achieve Your Goals,” and “Transform Yourself into the Very Best You.”

Rivky, another attendee expressed, “I gained tremendously from the workshop and feel there is still so much more I can gain from Mrs. Rappaport’s wisdom and tried-and-true techniques. I am looking forward to attending her full-day seminar in November, where I hope to take what I’ve learned so far be able to gain and grow even more.”

Empower Your Self Energize Your Life is part of Rachel Rappaport’s Max! Nationwide Speaking Tour. To arrange an event in your area, please contact us!