Max! 4-Day Workshop

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This summer, over 100 women in Bnei Brak got together for a 4-day Max! workshop which was held in Beit Hamoreh Sharansky. We called it “Notching Up Our Success – Coaching Our Children and Students.”

The first day began with over 100 strangers staring cautiously at one another. There were girls had just finished seminary, mothers in their 30’s and 40’s, and women in their 70’s. Some were businesswomen, some were teachers and some were stay-at-home mothers. Some were energetic and powerful and willing to take risks, and others didn’t want to think about their hidden dreams. Yet, at the end of the 4 days, they were all one united group who just didn’t want to let go.

We started by having each woman rate herself on a scale of one to ten – one being the lowest and ten being the highest – in various different areas. For example, what is my relationship with my spouse? What is my health like? What is my relationship with HaKadosh Baruch Hu? etc.

Then we spoke about limiting beliefs. We explored the idea that the limiting belief is all “in our heads” and that the stories we told ourselves until now are what really held us back from moving forward and achieving our dreams.

Next, we had time to think about and write down the limiting belief that brought us here today. Afterwards, we moved on to think about our dreams and where we want to be. Each woman chose one area that she wanted to focus on over the next four days. For example, perhaps she wants to work on improving her relationship with her spouse or kids, achieve her financial goals, find her dream job, or focus more on improving her health.

Once each woman chose a dream, the goal was for her to turn her limiting belief into an empowering one to help support her in achieving her inner dream. This dream is her story she wants to live. Today, we all live by stories – what the media tells us, what our family and friends tell us, etc. So why not be our own author and write our own story?

It was beautiful to see how from one day to the next people connected to each other and were supporting each other in their goals. One woman was an assistant playgroup teacher who wanted to use her talents to generate a higher income. She took a course to learn how to rebuild apartment buildings but was nervous to take any action. She spoke to the group about her fear and we encouraged her about it.

On days three and four, several people in the group came to her with ideas to help her get started. One woman had an idea of a building that could be a possibility for her to work on and another person had a contact number of an interested investor. We had created a community where we had all the tools and connections to keep moving forward!

On the last day, we all stood together in a large circle with everyone facing the middle. One women was chosen to read the famous book from Dr. Seuss, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.” It was the perfect culmination of the course. You have to take action in life. There may be difficulties along the way, but in the end you’ll get to wonderful places you never even dreamed of.

After finishing the book, we all held hands as each of the women had the opportunity to describe her experience at the Max! 4-Day Seminar. We came up with over 100 words, including hope, love, community, family, possible, I can, I will, clarity, etc. All these words point to one same thing: Yes, you can! And with Hashem’s help, you will achieve your very own dream!

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