The Growing Woman

What’s Life Without a Strong Dose of Inspiration?

Are you a young woman seeking to identify yourself while in the throes of the dating process? Maybe you’re an empty nester coming to terms with your identity and looking for ways to fill your newfound time?

  • Formulate your goals in life.

  • Gain a sense of direction and conviction.

  • Discover your personal strengths.

  • Stop being afraid of failure and start accomplishing what you set your heart on doing.

  • Tune in to your feelings and emotions.

  • Begin to truly love yourself.

  • Transform your relationships.

  • Maximize your potential.

“It was so powerful to get in touch with my personal strengths and characteristics. Each woman who attended Rachel’s weekend retreat felt the same: Rachel was completely there for you, you were the most important person to her, and her goal was to help you uncover the full extent of your potential. My entire life is now infused with deep meaning and an inner satisfaction.” Shira M., after attending a Max! singles event

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