The Family Woman

Turn Those Dreams Into Reality!

Feeling harried and hassled? You’re not alone. Family women world over struggle to find time for peaceful introspection and self-reflection. Max! can provide you with the tools necessary to discover your potential, embrace yourself, achieve serenity and be empowered as a wife and mother.

  • Love yourself and by extension those around you.

  • Recognize your capabilities.

  • Tune in to yourself and the people around you.

  • Give to yourself while giving to others.

  • Transform your relationships, becoming a better parent and wife.

  • Upgrade your relationships from good to great.

  • Improve your parenting skills and raise empowered children.

  • Release your anger and harness your inner love.

  • Increase feelings of positivity and manage negative emotions.

  • Prioritize the things that matter to you.

  • Feel good about what you’re doing.

  • Maximize your potential.

“Max! gave me the tools to design my life. The principles, methods and deep insights that I learned will no doubt remain with me forever, giving me the strengths to move forward and to transform my family life.”Osnat P.

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