The Business Woman

Empower Yourself.
Empower Your Employees.

Are you a woman working in the corporate world looking to be empowered and transformed? You can learn to discover your true potential and achieve a sense of fulfillment as an entrepreneur, business owner, manager or salesperson. With Max! you can become healthier, happier and more productive today. You can learn to motivate your team members and empower them to take responsibility for their actions!

  • Balance your career and family life.

  • Heighten your productivity.

  • Achieve your hidden dreams.

  • Identify and harness your strengths.

  • Empower yourself to maximize your potential.

  • Formulate the self-discipline necessary for success.

  • Get rid of fears and negative emotions.

  • Learn to say no, hear no and move on.

  • Discover how to deal with rejection.

  • Polish your presentation.

  • Feel good about what you’re doing.

  • Increase confidence and leadership skills.

  • Grow your income.

  • Learn to trust your intuition and take responsibility for your decisions.

“Today I am a sought after marketer in Israel. I could not have gotten to where I currently am without Max! Rachel Rappaport’s workshops helped me envision a wonderful future and gave me the tools to actually achieve my goals. What had seemed completely unrealistic at one time is now my reality!” Miri, Everest Marketing

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