Breakthrough to Success

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“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

The next course I gave on my tour in Israel was in Beit Hamoreh Lieberman, Yerushalayim. As many handouts as we printed out for the women, there was never enough. The women just kept coming and coming.

This course was given over three consecutive nights. Called “Breakthrough to Success,” it was designed to help empower women to achieve their goals and overcome their negative beliefs.

One of the life-changing activities we did was an exercise where each woman identified one limiting belief that’s stopping her from moving on in life. Through this exercise, each participant would learn how to turn it into an empowerment belief to help her achieve her goals. In order to give each woman a chance to experience it firsthand, the women were paired into groups of four – with one woman in the middle and three women around her. The woman in the middle repeated her limiting belief, while the women around her whispered her empowerment belief in her ear. Slowly, slowly, their voices got louder until the woman was yelling her limiting belief and the women around her were yelling the empowerment belief in her ear, turning the limiting belief into an empowering one.

At this point, there are two choices – the women are either laughing, saying “I can’t believe I sided to believe that this is who I am, it is so silly,” or crying as they release all the emotion and self-hate that was built up inside of them. The exercise was so releasing – finally letting each woman let go of the negative beliefs that are holding her back.

Another empowerment tool we were exposed to and even had a chance to practice was the power of a “vision board.” Using the vision board is a shortcut to success, as you see your dreams through visual imagery (a picture is worth 1,000 words!). The concept of a vision board helps us activate the “Law of Attraction.” This law states that those more a person feels their successes, the more their dreams will materialize and the faster she will get there!

After learning about the different types of vision boards and the proper time to use which one, each participant received her own foam board…and the fun began! The women cut out from magazines the pictures and words that spoke personally to them. Each one cut and pasted them to her own board to create the sensation she wants to feel when she achieves her dreams. The women loved every minute of it. They were so engaged in finding the right words and pictures to describe their dreams, they just didn’t want to stop!

Some women had built dreams of better relationships with individuals in their lives, others visualized their dream to stay at home with their families more, or to open up their own businesses, etc.… Each one was proud to take home her very own creation of her dreams. The sparkle in their eyes was apparent when they realized…Yes! Its achievable!

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